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A specialized utility designed to help users backup and transfer emails and related data from various webmail services. Switch to a new email service provider and download emails from Webmail with this multi-featured program. Plus, get the power to extract Webmail email attachments and email addresses to your hard drive.

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* Free Demo : - Perform backup & migration of 25 items from every folder of Webmail account.

Highlighted Top Features

  • Download emails to hard drive from different webmail services in the form of multiple file typesPST/ EML/ EMLX/ MSG/ HTML/ MHTML/ MBOX/ PDF/ Thunderbird.
  • Transfer mail folders from one webmail platform to another.
  • Download Webmail email's attachments & save as separate files.
  • Collect email addresses of email fields like- TO, BCC, CC, & From.
  • Select specific folders to extract email data from certain folders.
  • Enable mail filtering function and export emails of chosen dates.
  • Provide a custom name to resultant files with naming convention.
  • Complete email backup and migration without data loss issues.
  • Self-choose a path from your PC for saving downloaded files.
  • Migrate and Backup emails from all web-based email servicesGmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook.com, Zoho Mail, ProtonMail, Mail.com, AOL Mail, GMX Mail, FastMail, Roundcube, Horde Webmail, etc..
  • Simple GUI-based software easily accessible by all kind of users.
  • Accessible on every edition of Windows O/s (up to Windows 11).

Best Webmail Backup and Migration Wizard

A single software to download and migrate email data from all web-based email platforms

Download Webmail emails to computer

Extract Email items from the web-based mail server and save them to your local drive. Download emails and preserve them in 9 different file formats- PST, EML, EMLX, MSG, HTML, MHTML, MBOX, PDF, and Thunderbird.

recover with brute force

Migrate Emails from Webmail Account

Swiftly shift mailboxes from one email service to another without facing any difficulties. Migrate mail folders between webmail programs- Roundcube, Horde Webmail, Outlook.com, Office365, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and others.

Extract Webmail Email Attachments

Isolate attachments from webmail emails with the attachment extraction function. Download attachments from emails and save them as separate files on your hard drive. Filter extensions and extract or attachments of specific types.

Extract Email Addresses from Webmail

Collect email addresses of senders & recipients from emails available in the webmail account. Perform Email address extraction from fields like "From, To, BCC, and CC". Extract all email addresses & save to files- TXT, CSV, and HTML.

Webmail Backup & Migration Software- All Features

Download Webmail Emails

Export email/mail folders from webmail account to your local drive. Download Emails from email account that you are using with Horde Webmail, Roundcube mail and other web-based email programs. Save downloaded emails in 9 file types- PST, EML, EMLX, MSG, HTML, MHTML, MBOX, PDF, and Thunderbird.

import emails from one webmail account to another

Webmail Email Migration

Swiftly transfer email account's data from one webmail server to another. Move mail folders from email account that you are using with Roundcube, and Horde webmail. Shift complete mailbox from one hosting company to another or cloud emailing platform like- Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office365, Outlook.com, etc.

Email Attachments Download

Detach attachments from emails of your webmail account and save them on your local drive. Extract each attachment in its original format with no information lost. Also, get the ability to specify extensions to extract only requird types of email attachments.

Email Address Extraction

Select the email address field - "TO, BCC, CC, FROM, or All" and collect the email addresses from the webmail account's emails of the selected field. All email addresses extract safely and save to 3 different formats, like- TXT, HTML, and CSV.

import webmail mail folders to Thunderbird

Import Webmail to Thunderbird

An option to import webmail emails into Thunderbird profiles is also available. It automatically detects the Thunderbird storage path and imports the webmail account data/mail folders directly into Thunderbird-configured profiles.

customize names of email files

File Naming Convention

Provides custom names to "EML, EMLX, HTML, MHTML, PDF and MSG" files with naming conventions. To name a file the user will get 9 different naming formats made up of combinations of email fields - "FROM" (sender's email address), "Subject", &"Date"

attachments saving with 2 modes

2 Attachments Saving Options

Save email attachments separately from the email to your local drive with two distinct options: -

  • Extract Message-Wise: - Create separate folder for each email to save associated attachments.
  • Extract Folder-Wise: - Extract attachments from all internal emails of a folder and create them folder-wise.
extract specific type attachments

Attachment's Extraction Filters

Extract and download attachments of exact type from Webmail emails with extension filtering options: -

  • Predefined File Extension: - choose an extension of attachments from an available list.
  • Custom File Extension: - Enter attachment's extension manually for extracting them specifically.
no data loss or modification issues

Retaining Complete Data

Perform each download and migration without deleting or changing any available information from the Webmail email profile. Migrate or Download email and attachments in their original format and with all their relevant information.

export/extraction from selected folders

Extract Selected Folder's data

Perform backup/migration or extraction job from only chosen folders of Webmail account. Into the software, load every mail folder of your Webmail account. From folder's list select necessary folders and export email data of only chosen folders.

export emails of selected dates

Mail Filter/Export Date-Wise

Smartest function for backup/migrate specific emails with a rapid process. Using mail filtering option select the email's start and end date. This selection of email dates will allow you to download and migrate emails of a specific date range from Webmail account.

manually select a saving location

Self-Select Saving Location

Software offers users to choose a saving location themselves to save all the backup files. Manually choose a path from your local drive to preserve the webmail account's downloaded items, including backup email files, attachments, or files containing email addresses.

all webmail mail app support

All Webmail Platform Support

Backup/migrate mail folders from all web-based email platforms. Export emails email accounts that you are using with Roundcube & Horde Webmail on Bluehost, HostGator, Hostinger, GoDaddy, Amazon Webmail, & mail servers of other hosting services.

easily operable GUI

Advanced GUI for easy access

Software comes with a clear graphical interface for easy execution of webmail backup & migration. By implementing some easy steps through this tool, all users can easily perform email export process from Roundcube, Horde Webmail, & other webmail services.

Compatible with Windows OS

Perform webmail backup and migration using this software on computers with any version of the Windows operating system. Easily install and use this tool on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and older versions (both 32-bit and 64-bit).

free webmail email backup and migration

Free Webmail Backup/Migrate

Test all the software features through the free demo version before purchasing it. The free demo will allow you to export 25 items from each folder of the webmail account. Get this webmail email backup and migration done with a demo version at no charge.

How to use - Enstella Webmail Backup & Migration Software

Download Enstella Webmail Backup & Migration Software

Test all software functions without purchasing a paid license with Webmail Backup & Migration tool's free demo version.

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* Demo Info: Using the trial version, download and migrate up to 25 items from each folder of a webmail account for free.

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Software Awards

PCMAG Rating

PCMAG has recognized Enstella Webmail Backup and Migration Software as the fastest and error-free solution.

SoftwareSuggest award

SoftwareSuggest has given the "High Performer Award" to this software for providing the best results in backup and migration of Webmail emails.

Demo & Full Version Software Comparison

Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Backup Unlimited Emails from Webmail account 25 items from each folder
Unlimited Webmail Email Migration
Export emails from selective folders
Backup Webmail emails to Outlook PST
Saving emails separately in EML/ EMLX/ MSG/ HTML/ MHTML & PDF
Export Mail folders to Single/ Separate MBOX
Import Webmail Mail folders to Thunderbird profile
Email filtering by date
Naming Convention
Price FREE $79

Software Specification

Software Info
Enstella Webmail Email Backup & Migration software
Version:    2.5
Available License:    Personal, Administrator, Technician, & Enterprise
Supported applications
Supports all Webmail applications- Roundcube, Horde Webmail, Amazon Webmail, Gmail, Google Workspace, Outlook.com, Office365, Yahoo Mail, Yandex Mail, AOL Mail, Bluehost, Hostinger, and more.
System Requirements
Processor:   Intel® Pentium Class (x86, x64) or equivalent
Hard Disk Space:   50 MB of free hard disk space
RAM:   Minimum 512 MB is required
Windows O/S:   Win 11/ 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7/ XP/ Vista and older editions.
Internet:   An Internet connection with a good speed.
Software Delivery
(License Key)
Electronic:   YES
Mode:   Delivery by E-mail
Weekends Delivery:   YES

Frequently Asked Questions

Webmail Email Backup software

Backup emails from Webmail account apple these simple steps: -

  • Download and Run Enstella Webmail Backup software on your Windows computer.
  • Enter Webmail account details - email address, password, Port, and Host Name and hit the Login button.
  • Load all mail folders of your webmail account and select needed folders.
  • Make selection of a saving option (PST, EML, EMLX, MSG, HTML, MHTML, MBOX, PDF, & Thunderbird).
  • Select and use Naming Convention and Mail Filter option.
  • Press the Browse button and choose a path from your computer to save resultant files.
  • Click the Save Backup button and start downloading emails from Webmail account.
Webmail Email Migration software

Migrate mail folders from one webmail account to other or different email platform with these steps: -

  • Install and run Webmail Migration software for Windows.
  • input the required webmail account details email address, password, Port, and Host Name and press the Login button.
  • Software will show you all mail folders of your webmail account and select required mail folders.
  • Click on the Import to Cloud button and choose an email platform where you want to import webmail emails.
  • Login to seleted email service and use mail filtering and inputting folder settings.
  • Lastly, click on Convert/Import button to begin the Webmail email migration to another host.

Yes, users can safely download emails from email account that are hosted on HostGator and any other hosting company without any problem.

This software supports email migration from GoDaddy mail server to Gmail/ Google workspace and other cloud mail service. In addition, users can migrate emails from one GoDaddy email account to a different email account.

Safely transfer emails from email accounts users are using with Roundcube, SquirrelMail, or Horde Webmail from cPanel to Office365 primary mailboxes, in-place archive, and custom folders.

Yes, users can extract the DOC file which is attached to the email of the webmail account. Not only DOC, but also extract all types of attachments without any restrictions.

To extract only the email address on the sender's field, users must select the "From" option in the filter criteria before starting the extraction.

Users can run this software on a computer having any version of Windows O/s (up to 11).

There is no need for any other applications if you are using this software. This single tool will complete webmail backup and migration without other software dependencies.

Through the free demo version of this webmail backup software, users can download and migrate up to 25 items from each folder of the webmail account without any changes.

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