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Most sophisticated tool to securely download emails and move emails across web-based email services. Export mail folders from any IMAP-based email platform, such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office365, Outlook.com, AOL Mail, Yandex Mail, and others. With just this single software, you can migrate/backup emails and also extract attachments and email addresses from IMAP emails.

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* Available Free Demo : - Download/migrate up to 20 items from each IMAP account's mail folder with zero fees.

Highlighted Top Features

  • Download emails from IMAP-based web/cloud email services.
  • Save downloaded emails to local drive in 9 different file formatsPST/ EML/ EMLX/ MSG/ HTML/ MHTML/ MBOX/ PDF/ Thunderbird.
  • Migrate emails from one IMAP email account/service to anotherGmail, Yahoo Mail, Office365, Outlook.com, AOL Mail, Yandex Mail, and others.
  • Download attachments from IMAP emails and save them separately.
  • Export email addresses from IMAP emails to TXT/CSV and HTML files.
  • Perform all operations without facing any kind of data loss issues.
  • Mail folder selection to backup/migrate emails from specific folders.
  • Filter emails by date to export emails from a specific date range.
  • Choose a save location yourself to preserve the resulting files.
  • Support all IMAP based email platforms - Gmail/ Yahoo/ O365/ etc.
  • Available with a GUI that is easily accessible by all types of users.
  • Compatible with all latest to oldest versions of Windows O/S.

Functions of IMAP Backup and Migration tool

A specificized program created for performing 4 different jobs with IMAP account's emails.

Download IMAP emails to Local drive

Export emails from any web/cloud-based email account to your computer. Extract and save email in the form of 9+ file formats like- Thunderbird mail files, PST, EML, MSG, HTML, and more.

recover with brute force

Migrate emails from one IMAP account to another

Transfer emails from one email service to another with a direct process. Perform migration from email providers like- Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office365, Outlook.com, Yandex Mail, Roundcube, Horde Webmail, and more.

Download Attachments from IMAP Emails

export attachments from emails of IMAP email account and preserve all attachments freely. Extract doc, txt, images, zip archive, and other type of attachments with ease.

Extract Email Addresses from IMAP emails

Get email addresses from emails available on IMAP accounts. All the email addresses extract and save in 3 different files like- TXT, CSV, and CSV.

IMAP Backup Software- All Features

Download IMAP Account Emails

Create a backup of emails that are available on the IMAP mail server to your local drive. Download all emails in their original form and save them locally with 10 different export options. Save IMAP emails to PST, PDF, EML, EMLX, HTML, MHTML, MSG, and MBOX files or import directly into Thunderbird profiles.

import emails from one IMAP account to another

IMAP to IMAP Email Migration

Transfer emails from one web/cloud email platform to another efficiently. Perform mail folder migration from all IMAP-based email services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office365, and others. Additionally, get the power to transfer emails of selected dates from specific folders with different options.

Download Email Attachments

Export attachments from IMAP account emails and save them separately on the local drive. Extract all types or specific types of attachments from IMAP emails with various filters and options. Download attached files (attachments) from emails like- .doc, .csv, .txt, .zip, .jpg, .png, or others.

Extract/Save Email Addresses

Collect email addresses from your IMAP email account's emails. Copy all email addresses from fields like TO, FROM, BCC, and CC of an email with an automated process. Extract email addresses and save them to files - TXT, CSV, or HTML - on your computer.

import imap mail folders to Thunderbird

Import Emails to Thunderbird

Transfer the email/mail folder from the IMAP email account to the email profile available in the Thunderbird email client. The software automatically detects Thunderbird storage locations and imports your IMAP account's mail folders directly into that location.

customize names of email files

9+ Naming Convention options

This software provides naming convention options for naming single email files (EML, EMLX, HTML, MHTML, PDF, and MSG). The software offers a list of different naming formats combining email date, sender, and subject. Easily choose a pattern and assign a name to your email files with that selected pattern.

attachments saving with 2 modes

Two Attachment Saving modes

Extract and preserve attachments of IMAP emails to your hard drive with 2 different methods: -

  • Extract Message-Wise: - Create a folder for each email and preserve their associated attachments.
  • Extract Folder-Wise: - Create a folder for each mail folder and save attachments of all emails available in that mail folder.
extract specific type attachments

Extract specific attachments

Download attachments of specific types of emails from IMAP account with options: -

  • Predefined File Extension: - Select the extension of the attachment from the available list.
  • Custom File Extension: - Type the extensions of the attachments you specifically want to remove.
no data loss or modification issues

Get 100% accurate results

This software performs all the tasks with complete accuracy and 100% data security. It never loses or changes any information from the original emails while performing all email backup, migration, attachment, or email address extraction tasks.

export/extraction from selected folders

Export from Chosen Mail Folders

This software shows the list of all mail folders from the IMAP account and allows users to select their required folders. Users can easily select one as well as multiple mail folders. After selection, the software will perform backup, migration, and extraction from emails of selected folders only.

export emails of selected dates

Extract emails of selected dates

It is also possible to filter emails and export only specific emails with this software. Users can easily apply date selection and backup/migrate emails of selected dates. Select a start and an end date, and perform all tasks with the emails that enters between the selected date range.

manually select a saving location

Choose a saving location

To save all generated files locally, users can choose a specific location from their computer. Users can manually select a location from their hard drive to save files containing email backup, attachments, and email addresses.

all imap mail app support

Support all IMAP email platform

Users can perform email backup and migration tasks from their email accounts of Office365, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook.com, Yandex Mail, AOL Mail, HostGator, Hostinger, Bluehost, Roundecube, Horde Webmail, and other online email services.

easily operable GUI

Smart GUI for easy navigation

This software is very simple and easy to use for all users with its graphical interface. Any type of person, technical or new user, can safely use all its functions without any difficulty or prior knowledge.

All Windows OS Compatibility

On computers running any version of Windows OS, users can run this software. Operate this software on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and earlier versions (32bit & 64bit). It will work equally on all computers without showing any type of error.

free imap email backup and migration

Backup/Migrate Email for Free

Test all functions of this software for free with the demo version before purchasing any paid license. Take advantage of the demo version and be able to download and migrate up to 20 emails from each folder of the IMAP email account.

How to use - Enstella IMAP Backup & Migration Software

Download Enstella IMAP Backup & Migration Software

Try this free demo version to test how email download and migration from IMAP accounts works.

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* Demo Info: Use the free trial to download and migrate up to 20 emails from each folder of an IMAP account without spending a single penny.

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Software Awards

PCMAG Rating

Enstella IMAP Backup and Migration software has been recognized by our IT experts as the best email backup solution.

SoftwareSuggest award

Amazing utility to transfer emails from one cloud email platform to another! SoftwareSuggest has awarded a "High Performer Award" for this IMAP to IMAP migration tool!

Demo & Full Version Software Comparison

Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Backup Unlimited Emails from IMAP account 25 items from each folder
Unlimited IMAP Email Migration
Export emails from selective folders
Backup IMAP emails to Outlook PST
Saving emails separately in EML/ EMLX/ MSG/ HTML/ MHTML & PDF
Export Mail folders to Single/ Separate MBOX
Import IMAP Mail folders to Thunderbird profile
Email filtering by date
Naming Convention
Price FREE $99

Software Specification

Software Info
Enstella IMAP Email Backup & Migration software
Version:    2.5
Available License:    Personal, Administrator, Technician, & Enterprise
Supported applications
Supports all IMAP based email provides- Gmail, Google Workspace, Outlook.com, Office365, Yahoo Mail, Yandex Mail, AOL Mail, Bluehost, Hostinger, and more.
System Requirements
Processor:   Intel® Pentium Class (x86, x64) or equivalent
Hard Disk Space:   50 MB of free hard disk space
RAM:   Minimum 512 MB is required
Windows O/S:   Win 11/ 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7/ XP/ Vista and older editions.
Internet:   An Internet connection with a good speed.
Software Delivery
(License Key)
Electronic:   YES
Mode:   Delivery by E-mail
Weekends Delivery:   YES

Frequently Asked Questions

IMAP Email Backup software

Download emails from IMAP mail server to your computer by following these given steps: -

  • Install and Run Enstella IMAP Backup and Migration software (on your Windows PC).
  • Select the mail app from which you want to download emails from available list.
  • Add email address and password of your IMAP mail account and hit on Login
  • Sign in with your account and load all mail folders from the account.
  • Make selection of needed folders and choose a saving option from (PST, EML, EMLX, MSG, HTML, MHTML, MBOX, PDF, & Thunderbird).
  • Select and use required options Naming Convention and Mail Filter.
  • Hit on Browse and choose a saving location from your computer.
  • Lastly, press the Save Backup button and downloading emails from IMAP server.
IMAP Email Migration software

Migrate mail folders from one email account/service to another by following these steps: -

  • Download and launch the IMAP Backup and Migration software IMAP Backup and Migration software.
  • Login with your email account from which you want to export emails.
  • Load all mail folders from your email account and choose needed folders.
  • Press the Import to Cloud button and choose a platform in which you want to import emails.
  • Sign in with that email account and apply the mail filter and folder input settings.
  • Finally, press the Convert/Import button and start the IMAP email to IMAP migration.

With this utility for IMAP email backup users get 9+ file format options in which they can save the downloaded emails. Which include- PST, EML, EMLX, MSG, HTML, MHTML, PDF, Single MBOX, Separate MBOX, and Thunderbird.

Yes, users can download attachments from emails from an IMAP account and preserve them as separate files in their local drive.

This tool also has the ability to extract email addresses from IMAP emails and preserve them in files like TXT/CSV and HTML files.

It does not make any changes to the source email of the IMAP account when performing any operation - email backup, migration, attachment, and email address extraction. Provides the best results without a single data loss.

The software shows all the mail folders available in your IMAP account and offers to choose the required folders to perform IMAP email backup/migration from specific folders.

Available with a mail filter option that can allow you to filter emails by date to export data from emails of selected dates only.

This software allows users to choose a path from their local drive to save the resulting files. The user can easily select a location and save the resulting files there.

Yes, you can download emails from email accounts hosted on Hostinger and mail servers of other hosting companies efficiently without any problem.

This tool is specifically designed for migration from IMAP email accounts. This allows the user to securely transfer emails from one IMAP-based email platform to another. Like- migrating Gmail emails to Yahoo/Office365/ Outlook.com/ Google Workspace etc.

All computers with Windows OS version can run this software easily. (Supported versions Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP and older editions).

With its demo version, it is possible to test all software functions before purchasing a paid license. Abilities of demo version: -

  • Backup IMAP emails: - Download 25 emails in all available conversion formats from each mail folder of the IMAP email account and save them to your computer.
  • Migrate IMAP emails: - Transfer up to 25 emails from all mail folders of one IMAP account to different email services/accounts.
  • Extract attachments: - Download attachments from 15 emails from each selected mail folder of your email account.
  • Extract email address: - Get email addresses from up to 15 emails from all selected mail folders and save them in TXT, HTML, and CSV files.

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