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There are lots of email clients available in the market. Almost every person or organization uses different-different email clients for their emailing and fulfill their requirements. Every email client has its own system to manage email messages in different file formats. Some email clients store email messages in EML files and these email clients are- Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, IncrediMail, Entourage and so on… 

Mozilla Thunderbird has also captured a huge percentage of clients in the digital market because Thunderbird is an open-source email client and free of charge to use without any limitations. Sometimes most users want to switch to Thunderbird as they are free and has no limitations. So in this situation, let me explain how to import EML files to Thunderbird without losing any data and which is the trusted and best way to complete this task easily without wasting any time.

Introduction to EML and Thunderbird

EML (Electonic Mail) – EML files are an file extension of email message which stores email header information and email content with attachments. A single EML file can contains all the data of single email message and they stores messages in three formats such as Plain TEXT, RTF and HTML. The EML files can be easily accessed and opened by multiple email clients as they are supported by lots of email clients such as MS Outlook Express, Apple Mail, eMClient, Entourage, Live Mail, Windows Mail, and etc.

Thunderbird -Mozilla is one of the most popular foundations which develops many products like tools, browsers, apps and many more. Thunderbird is one of them which is a free and open source email application to manage emails, contacts and calendars. 

Thunderbird is widely used by home users in corporate sectors to manage their email system for emailing and organizing contacts groups and calendar entries. Thunderbird has a very simple and clean interface to view and manage email messages and that’s why most users like the application to use in their daily routine.

Reason to Import EML Files to Thunderbird?

  • Importing EML files into Thunderbird can be beneficial for various reasons, some of which are as follows.
  • The Thunderbird application offers many smart features. Users can easily search their emails and manage them as per their liking by applying filters or many other options.
  • After importing EML files into Thunderbird users get a free space for email management. Because Thunderbird is a free and open source application.
  • Provides options to manage emails like filters, fast search, tags, or viewing emails

Efficient way to Import EML files to Thunderbird directly 

Well, users have many ways to Import EML files to Thunderbird. But most of the users want to adopt the most reliable and straightforward way to import EML file to Thunderbird. Because they want to do this task directly and without much effort. This is now possible as there are various third-party tools available on the internet. With the help of which EML files can be imported into Thunderbird. So let’s talk about a widely used third party tool. 

Enstella EML Converter Software 

Enstella EML Converter tool is the most popular and advanced level utility that makes it quite easy to import EML files to multiple email applications or file extensions. Through the Enstella EML Converter software, users can directly import multiple EML files into the Thunderbird application without doing any special steps.

Enstella EML Converter software is the most popular tool and is adopted by lots of tech companies. Experts, system administrators and MVP’s because this tool offers many advanced-level functions to read EML files in deep level and export every single bit of data to desired formats.

So let us now talk about the benefits of this EML converter software. That helps in making the conversion process easy and seamless.

Big Advantages of Software to Import EML files to Thunderbird

  • The main advantage of this utility is that it offers a Single EML file as well as Bulk EML file conversion option. That makes this task easier for all those who want to import many EML files with a single process. 
  • This software automatically loads EML files and detects errors and fixes them during the conversion process.
  • The best part of this software is that when users start the process of importing EML files into Thunderbird. They can see all the previews of EML files until the process is finished.
  • Email filter option is available in this software. Where users can filter the emails they need to convert to Thunderbird by date.
  • This software has more than 13+ different file formats where users can export EML files. 
  • The software has imported EML files into cloud platforms such as Office365, Gmail, G-Suite, YahooMail, IMAP and others.
  • The process of importing EML files into Thunderbird is simple and concise, saving users time.
  • PST Split option is the second option in this software. Whose main purpose is to reduce the size of the resulting PST file by splitting the PST into multiple smaller PSTs.
  • Conversion of 25 emails from each folder of the EML file to Thunderbird without purchasing the software is possible through a free demo version version.
  • Provides the best customer support and user-friendly graphical interface (GUI). So that users do not face any kind of technical issue while using it for the conversion process. 


This entire blog is based on Thunderbird users to help them to import EML files to Thunderbird. Because most of the users sometimes look for some efficient way to import EML files to Thunderbird easily. So after reading this blog users get the best way to import an EML file into Thunderbird.