7Z Password Recovery Software

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An innovative solution for users to recover forgotten 7z file password & unlock 7z files. Retrieve password of all character combination with smart password recovery strategies- Brute Force Attack, Mask Attack, & Dictionary Attack. Recover all numeric, alphabetic, symbolic, multi-lingual password with simple clicks.

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* Recover first 3 characters of 7z file password free with software's demo edition.

Highlighted Top Features

  • Recover 7z file Password and Unlock Password Protected 7Z/7Zip files
  • Perform recovery of lost 7z file password with 3 smart strategies: - Brute Force Attack, Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack.
  • Recover 7z password without making any alteration inside 7z files.
  • Password of all character combination recover easily including- Numeric, Alphabetic, Symbolic, etc.
  • A multilingual password also recovers smoothly of 7z/7zip files.
  • Has easy-to-use graphical interface to complete password recovery process with ease.
  • Copy to clipboard option available to select recovered password in single click.
  • Works on all Windows editions including- Win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, & older edition.

What is Enstella 7z Password Recovery Software?

While compressing file and data in 7z files, users also protect it with password. If users forget or loses that password by any reason, for that situation we have made this Enstella 7z Password Recovery Software.

This advanced utility is solution for users to instantly recover lost 7z file password and unlock 7z file. With complete security and without touching inner information from 7z file this software recover forgotten 7z/7zip password.

Software will perform instant password recovery with 3 smart strategies including: -

recover with brute force

Brute Force Attack

Through the strategy software will search lost password from different character combinations. Using this method users can retrieve all alphabets, numbers, and special character 7z password.

recover password with mask attack

Mask Attack

With this method make the password recovery process much faster by entering known character of 7z file password. Enter known character and recover only lost character easily.

password recovery with dictionary attack

Dictionary Attack

Recover password of English word and English character from the inbuilt or user defined dictionary files.

Enstella 7z Password Recovery Software- All Features

Recover Lost 7Z password to Unlock 7Z files

Best 7z Password Recovery software by Enstella Systems. The rapid solution to safely recover 7z file password and extract 7z file without password requirement. In 3-5 simple clicks perform the password recovery process and retrieve password of all character combinations. With advanced strategies recover forgotten 7z file password: -

  1. Brute Force Attack:- Search password from all character combination (alphabetic, numeric, symbolic) & recover password with accuracy.

  2. Mask Attack:- Input the known password character and recover the only lost character and recover password with a great speed.

  3. Dictionary Attack:- Search English character or words from dictionary files of the software to Recover password.

instant 7z file password recovery

Rapid 7z Password Recovery

Make instant recovery of lost 7z password with the help of smart password recovery strategies. In choose password methods from provided options and customize setting to make the password recovery quicker.

unlock/open password protected 7z file

Open Password Protected 7z File

With the software get the option to directly open 7z files. After password recovery, users just need to click the “Open file” and the software automatically fills the password to 7z file and open locked 7z file for users.

recover 7z password of all characters

Recover All Password Character

Password of all character combinations this 7z Password Recovery tool recover for all users. Software simply searches user's password from the combination of numeric, symbolic, lowercase & uppercase alphabetic password.

recover multilingual password

Retrieve Multilingual Password

Software also capable to recover 7z Password that are created non-English words. Securely a user can retrieve 7z file password of multilingual characters with dictionary attack by providing their custom dictionary files.

recover password without losing any data

Recover with No Data Loss

7z archive password recovery tool makes no changes inside 7z files and retains all the data and information of 7z during password recovery process. Software retrieves 7z file password with complete security.

copy password to clipboard after recovery

Copy to Clipboard

Software allows users to select and use the copy to clipboard feature. This function enables to users to select the complete text of recovered password in a single click. In one click user can copy whole password & input it to 7z file.

GUI based 7z password recovery software

Friendly Graphical interface

To perform password recovery process with ease & safety the software has a easily operatable and clear graphical interface. The software is easy to use and both technical & non-technical user can operate it without facing problem.

Windows Compatibility

Software is created for working Windows O/S Based machine. The 7z password unlock will work in all edition of windows operating system including- Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, & other editions (32bit and 64bit).

recover 7z file password free

Free 7z Password Recovery

With the software new users can also recover 7z file password free of cost. Software comes with demo/trial edition facility in which users get the power to recover starting 3 characters of lost password with no charges.

How to use - Enstella 7z Password Recovery Software

Download Enstella 7z Password Recovery Software

Get the 7z password Recovery software for windows to recover lost 7z/7zip password and unlock 7z files.

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* The Demo Info: 7Z Password Recovery tool's demo edition assists users to recover 7z file password's first 3 character free of cost.

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Software Awards

Enstella 7z Password Recovery software Award

PCMAG.com awarded Enstella 7z Password Recovery tool as the best software to recover 7z password. Software is simple to use and safest method to recover lost 7z password.

Enstella 7z Password Recovery software Award

Enstella 7z Password Recovery Software first choice of both expert as well as non-technical users. Software is tested by IT Experts team of Software Suggest.

7z Password Recovery Tool - Free & Paid edition Comparison

Software Features Trial Version Full Version
Recover 7z Password
Direct Open Password-Protected 7z file
Recover with Brute-Force Attack
Recover Password with Mask Attack
Recover with Dictionary Attack
Recover Complete Password * Recover starting three character of lost 7z password Recover Complete 7z Password
Price FREE $19

Software Specification

Software Info
Enstella 7Z Password Recovery software
Version:    2.0
Available License:    Personal, Corporate, & Technician
Version Support
File type:     7Z/ 7Zip archive files
System Requirements
Processor:   Intel® Pentium Class (x86, x64) or equivalent
Hard Disk Space:   50 MB of free hard disk space
RAM:   Minimum 512 MB is required
Windows O/S:   Win 11/ 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7/ XP/ Vista and older editions.
Software Delivery
(License Key)
Electronic:   YES
Mode:   Delivery by E-mail
Weekends Delivery:   YES

Frequently Asked Questions

7z password recovery software
  • Download Enstella 7z Password Recovery Software
  • Install and open the software to your windows based machine.
  • Click "Browse File" button and load locked 7z file.
  • Choose a password recovery straetegy from the options:- Brute Force Attack, Mask Attack, and Dictionary Attack.
  • Apply other required settings with password recovery technique.
  • Finally, click on Recover and start 7z password recovery process.

Yes, the software supports to recover 7z file password of any length with same process and without creating any issue.

This is a strategy that is offers by the software to perform password recovery process. With this method users can simply recover a complex password by searching password from different character combinations.

Yes, with the mask attack option users will get the power to recover lost password with a much faster process. Using this option software allows users to input known character of password to recover the only lost character of 7z file password to speed up recovery process.

Yes, 7z unlocker tool also has the ability to recover English word password directly from a dictionary file. The software has its inbuilt dictionary file containing 30000+ English words. Software searches all English word one by and recover your password with rapidly.

The complete password recovery process is depended on the length and complexity of the password. A small and easy password software recover in a few minutes or hours. On other side, software may take a long to recover long length or complex passwords.

Yes, the software is able to recover Uppercase, Lowercase, Numeric, Special/Symbolic character without any trouble.

Yes, users also get the power to recover password which are created with other languages (rather than English).

While password recovery software makes no changes and never alters data information inside 7z files.

For users ease software has an easy to understandable and attractive graphical interface. All type of users can use this software without any professional skills to perform 7z file password recovery job.

After password recovery process completion users can use copy to clipboard feature to select and copy the complete password in single click to put it in locked 7z files.

Software specially made for windows and all users can access with tool in every edition of windows O/S including- Win 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and below version.

Free demo edition of 7z Password Recovery software supports to recover starting 3 characters of lost 7z file password without any charges.

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